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International Business Law

Corporate law

Contractual techniques



Labor law

Tax law

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legal form

MOB LAW FIRMis a professional civil company governed by the law n° 013 - 2007 of 21 February 2007 relating to professional partnerships and by the legal provisions regulating the exercise of the legal profession in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. Founded in its new form in March 2008 by Mauritanian lawyers wanting to develop the practice of the legal profession in Mauritania

.The area of expertise is very large, despite it’s predilection for the business law.

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How do we serve our clients?

Legal assistance

Legal assistance

  • Initiation and monitoring of any legal action
  • Advocacy of the client on any court of law
  • administrative or arbitral Monitoring procedures for executing court orders
Legal assistance on demand

Legal assistance on demand 

  • Written or verbal opinion on any legal question
  • Drafting any legal document
  • Assistance in any negotiation
  • Legal audit procedures

Legal expertise

Assistance to the installation phase in Mauritania

  • Legal framework for investment in Mauritania
  • Negotiations with local partners    
  • Administrative procedures required
  • Choice of legal form

Legal and financial structure of the client

  • Capital
  • Equity Portfolio
  • Equalization of resources
  • Equity participation
  • Billings reciprocal
  • Scope of consolidation

Evaluation of  tax impact

  • Taking into account the fiscal dimension in customer choice will be achieved through a comparative assessment of the fiscal impact of solutions and determination of patches may alleviate any impact exorbitant solution also be significantly higher or (more rarely ) unique.

Recruitment of employees

  • Publication of vacancies
  • Selection Procedures
  • Preparation of employment contracts



Our targets

Our main target is to provide our clients, consisting exclusively of companies, a helpline for legal and judicial support to expand their activities and provide them with a dynamic team of lawyers that can respond quickly and effectively to the faced problems. Our ambition is to become a leader in our domain by providing our clients with high quality service and reflecting the image of a modern law firm.



Our team

MOB law firm is composed of a team of lawyers, collaborators, permanent assistants as well as other experts who occasionally work on cases requiring their intervention.
The firm also has a network of international correspondents installed worldwide to support the expansion of its clients' activities and assist them in working in various legal environments.
MOB law firm is the representative in Mauritania of GESICA network.
GESICA is an international network of lawyers in 60 countries. It offers a mesh including Europe and Africa, allowing our clients to be assisted quickly and everywhere. This network offers fine and complementary skills that may be required on specific issues.


Our commitments

In our relationships with clients, we ensure strict adherence to the ethics of our profession. We base this relationship on three principles:

  • The professional confidentiality under our commitment to keep the total discretion.
  • Transparency with our clients requires us to avoid any conflict of interest.
  • The permanent availability allows us the timeliness and help to create a permanent contact with the customer.